First Hack Library of 2015

New year, new Hack the Library event.

Today was the first of our code club events, with our very first student able to pick Andys brain almost exclusively as she made her way through a few basic programs.  Remember if you have a child, grandchild, small horde or (shudders) teenagers without anything to do on the 28th of February, sign them up and send them along to the Library to learn how to code.

Big Thank you to Claire Dodd (STEM Ambassador) who came along and helped with the code club.
Storage Preview
Digital Storage.

Sat over by the glass wall overlooking the reception area Dave was busy working away on a 3D project fo the Library itself, along with demonstrating a few computer generated renders created using CAD software and showing off the progress of a Map Building project for another member of the team.

Martin and Ben discussed all things Python (Linux) including LXML and XPATH, used in super large and information rich databases (sounds fancy, but that description doesn’t do it justice).   It was quite and interesting discussion as it highlighted a few blind spots in our understanding of Linux, which has now spurred us on to arrange a workshop as soon as we can.

And finally (but by no means least) we are entering the Libraries Upcycle Competition.  Call in, pick up one of the books they have on offer (ask at the front desk where they are) and join in.  Competition ends on the 7th of February so you have ONE WEEK….. sorry, TWO WEEKS to get your entries in.


We are currently working to get a few projects in partnership with Oldham Library up and running, so watch this space as these plans develop.

Our event planner and suggestion box is still open for ideas, as is our recruitment page for people to teach a class.  More events will be added to our MeetUps in the comming weeks and months so check back ever week or so for updates.

Until next time.

Building 3d printers at #HackTheLibrary?

There is no doubt that 3d printing is an amazing leap forward in technology and as prices come down and usage goes up I’m sure that more and more people will be doing interesting things like this…

The e-nable project helps pair people with 3d printers and people who are missing limbs and allows them to create simple, affordable  prosthetics that can change peoples lives.

But 3d Printers are expensive…

Typically they are out of the budget of many home users, starting at £500 for the most basic models, but recently there has been an advert on the TV for a weekly magazine that comes with the components to build a 3d printer over 60 issues.

The total cost of the project will be £440, still not exactly pocket change but spread over 60 weeks its reasonable affordable.

Ive decided to build this with my 8 year old son, and thought if anyone else is interested in building one we could work together at the #hackthelibrary events.

If you are interested in building one, or just need some help get in touch or join the discussion on Facebook.

More information :

Tuesdays MeetUp (January)

Our first Meetup of the year came and went with little and few in attendance.  But then given the snap frost, snow and ice, we can hardly blame you.  By the time we all left the ground was quite treacherous and the roads only just drivalbe (rideable in the case of one antendee, hope you got home safe Andy).

Though few in number, we got a fair bit discussed, from Christmas blues, electronic wizardry and sound systems, ideas for inventions, Kickstarter (The good, the bad, the bizarre), as well as more practical matters and future events.

We are happy to announce out monthly WordPress MeetUp is a go, as is Boardgame night to add to our ongoing line up of events.  Details of both can be found on our MeetUps calendar over the next few days, along with a blog post here either Thursday or Friday.

Also, we are open to suggestions for events!

Thats right, we want to hear from you.  We want events and we want to make them relevant to our members, so tell us what you want to see and we’ll do our best to make the events happen (both before and after we get a space up and running).

We know a few people have expressed an interest in learning more about Linux and we are currently looking for some one to teach a basic class and run a local MeetUp to get the ball rolling.  If you or someone you know would like to join such a group (or Teach it), let us know through our Contact Page and we will make arrangements.

In the mean time we hope the new year is treating you well so far and hope to see you all again soon.  Until then, get making.

Welcome to the World of Tomorrow (Due March 2015)

And so we stride into the new year, blinking away the fuge of mid-winter and swelling from the repasts eaten over the Christmas period to ask ourselves ‘What happened to that idea of making a hackspace community again?’

Well fear not gentlefolk, we’re still alive and ready to grab the new year by the Calendar.

First off our scheduled Meetups are still on for the forseable future, so if you wish to meet the group, gather for a chat and discuss projects for the space, then please come along.

Also, our Hack the Library event is still on for the 24th for those with kids who want to get them interested in technology and how off some of the activities we will have available once the space is up and running.

Its been a quiet December on the activities front (understandably so as people spend time with family) but this year we are hoping to get more groups up and running including:

A regular WordPress group.
A Linux Club (Pending more interest and a few knowledgable folk).
A regular Code Club (mainly for kids).
A 3D CAD Workshop (Software Pending).
More talks by professionals on a variety of topics.

Can’t make the Meetups but still have a suggestion for events?  Leave us a comment below or visit out Contact Us page above and get in touch.

In the mean time we hope to see you all in the coming year.

Till then, stay safe and get making.

WordPress MeetUp

First off a great thank you to everyone who showed up, hopefully we can make this a regular thing in the coming year.

On Wednesday the 26th of November we had our first WordPress Group MeetUp hosted at the Web Applications UK Centre of Excellence and presented by Mike Little of WordPress.

In the three hour seminar we talked all things WordPress, blogging and business, security and presentation, along will discussing and all manner ot tips and tricks to getting a site up and running effectively.

We had a decent turn out, almost filling the room without having to try, and we look forwards to seeing you all again in the coming months as we get more speakers along with a few mini workshops in order to get this part of the community running.

A big thanks to Shaun and Jeffrey for staying late to let us use the space and we hope you’ll have us all again.

Our next WordPress Group MeetUp has yet to be decided but visit our website and our MeetUps page for updates for the comming year.  We still gather every 2nd Tuesday at the Bank Top Taven in Oldham to plot and scheme of the future, a glorious future, where we shall rule over the lands with an IRON FIST!…..


See you all in the new year, and have a happy Christmas from Hack Oldham.

Hack The Library – The aftermath

Yesterday was the first of our monthly #HackTheLibrary days at Oldham Library where we take over an area of the library and share our passion for technology and making with the general public.


Throughout the day we made LED Throwies, A simple make consisting of a battery, LED’s and a magnet.

LED Throwies

As is often the case when it comes to hacking or making somebody decided to adapt the idea to something else and started making LED christmas cards.

LED Christmas Cards
LED Christmas Cards

We ran a few Code Club sessions where children of all ages learned how to make games in Scratch.

Programming with Scratch
Programming with Scratch

We demonstrated 3D printing with an Up plus 2 3D printer which was kindly loaded to us by STEMnet

Up Plus 2 3D Printer
Up Plus 2 3D Printer

Jonothan made himself a Minion

Jonothan and his Minion
Jonothan and his Minion

We played with a Leap Motion, as device that allows you to control a computer by gesturing with your hands.

Leap Motion

We’ll be running Hack The Library events each and every month on the 4th Saturday of the month, Stay tuned for more information.

Photos by Lisa Marie Gee

Hack the Library

We like pubs, we particularly like the Bank Top Tavern, they have been and continue to be fantastic to us.

However there comes a time, when every hacker, even the currently homeless ones like us has to get down and… you know… hack stuff.

So now we’re are pleased to announce working in partnership with Oldham Libraries we have a second home! Meeting on the 4th saturday of the month we’ll be taking over part of the library for hacking, making, games, learning and more.

Signup on on meet up, or turn up on the day, and find out what its all about.

Things we will be hacking:

  • Minecraft
  • QR Codes
  • Textiles
  • Computer Games
  • Board Games
  • Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi
  • 3d Printing
  • A Dalek…


Don’t worry, we’ll still be in the pub on the 2nd Tuesday too!

I love it when a plan comes together…

So much is happening right now and unfortunately we can’t quite share it publicly, but fingers crossed there will be lots of news coming this week.

One thing we all need to do is get the communication going between the meets, there is lots to be done and we need some volunteers.

While IRC is great for chats the easiest and most unobtrusive thing is probably google groups, request permission to join the group at and then all you need do is email to communicate with the group.

So what are you waiting for? signup and get involved.

Almost time for our 2nd monthly meet.

Its that time again where we get together at the Bank Top Tavern, drink beer, play games and plan world domination.

This month we have some exciting news to share so join us and find out what its all about.

HackOldham Meetup

Oldham, GB
24 Members

We are trying to build a hackspace in Oldham town centre, with co-working, maker-space and events galore. Come and join us and see how you can get involved.

Next Meetup

Lets meet up, plan world domination, play games, and make th…

Tuesday, Sep 9, 2014, 7:00 PM
9 Attending

Check out this Meetup Group →


Meanwhile, you many enjoy what the hackers at the Trondheim Maker Faire 2014 put together to promote the event.

Bus Stop Pac-Man – Behind the Scenes from Norwegian Creations on Vimeo.

Welcome Geekon Radio!

So @p0welly has just been chatting to Millie on Preston FM, We’ll post the podcast when it goes live, but if you want any more information about the things discussed, check out the links below.

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Here it is, you can listen in full on mix cloud

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