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  • On 04-Mar-2017 we put on our first Embedded Software for Absolute Beginners workshop at HackOldham 1.5. 10 hardy Guinea Pigs signed up and, despite a minor issue with drive

  • I’ve had the need to make a part. I originally planned to 3D print it but the ‘legs’ at the right hand side were just too fragile. A talk with the mechani

  • A pop up shop will open in Oldham this week, providing a taster of what will be on offer at the spring launch of the region’s biggest permanent high street makerspace. Open

  • I’ve got quite a lot done since my last post. My neighbour kindly machined the Y axis risers and Y axis gantry for me. I really did not do much on these myself, so he

  • The sword was now ready to paint, the pva glue had provided a good surface for great coverage from this painting was easy, I used automotive spray paint it wasn’t any

  • I wanted to get a gift for my girlfriend sure I could buy flowers or chocolates but meh they are kinda not what a geeky girl wants…..a sword from an anime series? per

  • I decided one day while trudging the wastes of the game fallout to build the power armour. I looked at all kinds of home methods first using cups and boxes but none gave th

  • A self propelled maze solving sneaker. Yeah, that seems like a good idea.

  • I make Laser Tag equipment for a hobby. And I sometimes need to make clear acrylic domes for the sensor electronics to be housed in. To accomplish this, I buy A4 2mm clear

Helping people to fix their old devices,  with the aid of the Restart Project a London-based social enterprise that encourages and empowers people to use their electronics longer, by learning fundamental repair and maintenance skills. You can find out more at [gravityform id="3" name="Event Pre Registration" field_values="event_name=Restart Party"]...

Following the model of Code Club after school clubs we are looking to bring a club to Oldham Town Centre. This will be a FREE club aimed at children aged ~ 8 to 11 to learn computer programming using the code club curriculum. Places will be limited, so...

Due to the increase popularity of comic book movies like Batman, Iron Man etc geek culture things like comic cons and cosplay are rapidly increasing in popularity. It could be a good idea to run an event at Hack Oldham based around cosplay and general geekyness...