Monday Night Hacks

Every Monday 6pm – 9pm

Every Monday night the space is open to the public, so why don’t you come down and find out more about Hack Oldham,  the space, our facilities, and meet some the members. This is your opportunity to find out what we do, answer your questions and learn how you can get involved.

On a Monday night you’ll find members of the space working on their individual projects or collaborating on some of the group work including Dalek Bob or the Oldham Lorawan Network.

Members will be happy to answer your questions and will often be willing to demonstrate some of the equipment we have around the space.

To find out about the specific events that take place in the space  visit

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to visit the space?

Visiting the space on a Monday evening wont cost you a penny (Although donations are welcome) , We would hope that after a few visits if you like what you see you will decide to become a member 

Can I use your {insert expensive/dangerous machine here}?

Yes… but not yet, In order to use the equipment belonging to the space you must become a member and have the appropriate inductions and where necessary, training.

Will you show me how to {insert random thing here}?

Maybe… We offer a wide range of workshops which you can find on our what’s on page often run by volunteers who have given up their time to share their knowledge and experience.  Outside of these set times we cannot guarantee there will be someone available with the time or the experience to help you but we will do our best.

If you are looking for something specific, you may consider posting in our Sales & Wants board  or post it in our Suggestion Box.