About us

What is Hack Oldham?

A community of  co-workers and makers.

Established in 2015 Hack Oldham is a community owned and operated co-working and makerspace in the heart of the independent quarter.

During office hours the ground floor  is open to residents who pay a fixed monthly fee for a permanent work space and co-workers who work out of the space on an adhoc, hourly or daily basis.

The basement makerspace is open to members whenever the building is open, Membership is open to all and works on a pay as you feel basis. In the basement we have a repro graphics space, and craft space, a workshop and even a brewery!

Who are Hack Oldham?

A company limited by guarantee

After a false start and setting up the wrong company type we eventually incorporated as a limited company by guarantee, This is similar to a traditional company but rather than having shares and shareholders, we have members who each personally guarantee £1 (This is taken from a members first payment).

The organisation is primarily run by it’s members, for its members, while we have a board of directors who look after the legal obligations and a manager (Andy Powell) who looks after the day to day management its the members who have the final say in what happens.

Why are we doing this?

To enable people to do things

We didn’t set out with an objective, it was simply something that we needed, and it turned out lots of other people needed it too.

What it really came down to was a simple idea, the space is there to “enable people to do things”, for some of the members its to develop new skills, for others it’s to fend off depression and social isolation, yet for other still it’s to give hope to the geeky kids because when we were young there wasn’t any.

The space is many things to many people which made figuring out what our actual aim was difficult, but not impossible. Everyone who comes to Hack Oldham is coming to do something, it just sometimes takes a little time to figure out what that thing is.

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