Sharing and collaboration with like minded individuals.

Hack Oldham offers a wide range of meetups and usergroups for topics from textiles to technology. Meetups allow like minded people to get together to share resources and experience, to socialise and collaborate.

Currently meetings in the space include: Oldham WordPress User Group, Crafty Hack, Table top gaming, and much more.

If you or your organisation would like to hold a meetup at Hack Oldham then get in touch.


Peer led learning on a wide range of topics.

At the space you can take part in a wide range of workshops including training on all of the equipment in the space including 3d printing and laser cutting.

We also offer a wide range of top from web design to needle craft, aimed at people of all ages and abilities.

Hack Days

A different way of working.

Working with both private and public sector organisations we can produce bespoke workshops and Hack days to help your organisation develop a different way of thinking.

Previously we have worked with organisations including Oldham Youth Council, Age UK and a number of private companies.

If you would like to know more about how we can help your organisation get in touch today or stop by one of our open sessions for a chat.

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