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  • We have just got an ANET A8 here at Hack Oldham and have already started printing some upgrades for it. So here is a blog post of the the journey so far. The printer arrive

  • I have recently been having a go at some vinyl cutting. Hack Oldham has a Mutoh cutter. So, what better thing to do than cut some stickers for members to stick on their lap

  • So, we finally have the laser cutter up and running at Hack Oldham, this means I can make a start on my long to-do list of things to make. This began with a pencil box for

  • Sometimes we get thrown a curve ball during Digital Drop In.

  • We are proud to announce that we have recently been awarded the Action Together – Quality in Action Award. Action Together are a local organisation that supports comm

  • To finish my router I needed to make the Z axis. Here you can see the linear bearings and the ball nut mount on top, with the Kress router mount below. I had already ordere

  • I have been continuing work on my DIY CNC router this week by starting on the Y axis. This moves along the linear rails at the top and bottom of the Y gantry: The Y axis ne

  • Oldham Economy and Skills Partnership – A Digital Perspective When our new mayor, Andy Burnham, held his digital summit back in July, I was thrilled to see my digital colle

  • I sometimes have the need to make many surface mount printed circuit boards. Typically these take me about 30 minutes per board to make manually with a soldering iron.  I h

I've been trying to optimise the way I make Milestag sensor domes. These are electronic sensors that receive infra red light and convert this into a stream of binary data. The electronics need to be protected with a cover that is transparent to this light. Previously...

So seeing as Fitbit bought Pebble, and development is going to end on the Pebble platform, everyone is selling off their stock of Pebbles cheap. And I love a bargain. So I bought a Pebble Time (partly in the hope I finally find a killer app for the things and can retire to my own secret volcanic island base with the proceeds). Of course, I had to have a play with the SDK.
On 04-Mar-2017 we put on our first Embedded Software for Absolute Beginners workshop at HackOldham 1.5. 10 hardy Guinea Pigs signed up and, despite a minor issue with drivers, we managed to cover all the basics of writing some simple programs, uploading to an Arduino micro-controller and integrating with an electronic circuit. The result - Traffic Lights.

I've had the need to make a part. I originally planned to 3D print it but the 'legs' at the right hand side were just too fragile. A talk with the mechanical engineers at work turned up 'Constant Manufacturing' based in Oldham. Large companies tend to shy...

I've got quite a lot done since my last post. My neighbour kindly machined the Y axis risers and Y axis gantry for me. I really did not do much on these myself, so here is a pic of them after installation. You can see...

The sword was now ready to paint, the pva glue had provided a good surface for great coverage from this painting was easy, I used automotive spray paint it wasn't any expensive brand but the coverage was great, a layer of primer even though I had...

I decided one day while trudging the wastes of the game fallout to build the power armour. I looked at all kinds of home methods first using cups and boxes but none gave the true shape of the helmet or other parts. I knew I...