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  • If you were putting together a crack team for a 25 hour coding marathon, and you only had one person who could write code, your dream combination might not be an acoustic c

  • Here at Hack we like to contribute rather than consume resources, so in the spirit of this I began working on a flight tracker project to communicate with the FlightRadar24

  • We’re really trying to expand the range of activities we offer at Hack Oldham, so we were delighted this week to sign up a new member who is a potter! Mostly we were

  • We have just got an ANET A8 here at Hack Oldham and have already started printing some upgrades for it. So here is a blog post of the the journey so far. The printer arrive

  • I have recently been having a go at some vinyl cutting. Hack Oldham has a Mutoh cutter. So, what better thing to do than cut some stickers for members to stick on their lap

  • So, we finally have the laser cutter up and running at Hack Oldham, this means I can make a start on my long to-do list of things to make. This began with a pencil box for

  • Sometimes we get thrown a curve ball during Digital Drop In.

  • We are proud to announce that we have recently been awarded the Action Together – Quality in Action Award. Action Together are a local organisation that supports comm

  • To finish my router I needed to make the Z axis. Here you can see the linear bearings and the ball nut mount on top, with the Kress router mount below. I had already ordere

I decided one day while trudging the wastes of the game fallout to build the power armour. I looked at all kinds of home methods first using cups and boxes but none gave the true shape of the helmet or other parts. I knew I...

I make Laser Tag equipment for a hobby. And I sometimes need to make clear acrylic domes for the sensor electronics to be housed in. To accomplish this, I buy A4 2mm clear acrylic sheets off ebay, which I then cut with the laser cutter at...

I've found some more time to progress my computer controlled CNC router and assembled the stepper motor controller. The router has 3 axes (x,y,z) and each is moved by a stepper motor driving a ball screw. This amplifies the thrust of the motor substantially, allowing the...

Ok, let’s be honest, it’s NOT a black hole generator, but it does generate what look like holes in walls and tables that are very black. It’s actually an Infinity Mirror (not an Infinity Gauntlet, that’s from Marvel Comics). Anyway, here’s how I built it.
At Hack Oldham we’re always happy to have a go at unusual projects, particularly when they benefit other community groups. So when Oldham Theatre Workshop asked us to make a bicycle rickshaw used in one of their street theatre productions look spectacular, we jumped at the chance.
Want to do a quick hack? It might be a little more than 10 minutes, but not a whole lot. 10 Minute Hacks are simple, quick and easy. You should be able to build one with the sort of tools a hardware hacker is likely to have lying around or can get access to at a Hack Space and you should be able to buy the bits locally without resorting to the web (Craft Shops, Maplin, DIY stores, that sort of thing).

On Saturday the 30th of April we had the pleasure of a visit from Mitch Altman, and Jimmy Rodgers to the space, where Mitch delivered is Soldering is Easy workshop to a crown of both hackspace members and first time visitors. [caption id="attachment_4684" align="alignright" width="300"] Mitch and...

The robots are coming to Oldham, our plan is to operate a series of robotic tournaments to see who can create the best robot, each of the challenges below will have its own league table in addition to an overall league table. Challenges include. Maze navigation ...